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Memories of Europe

This project serves as a functional coffee table for any living space while doubling as a display of priceless artifacts I collected while studying abroad in Rome. Included in the display are maps, travel and exhibition tickets, brochures, museum passes, and coins from various countries across Europe.


The design seeks to create a simple, clean form, envisioned as one single "folded" piece. An intermediate support was added slightly past the midpoint to support the cantilever. Magazines and books fit comfortably in the bottom of the table.


The table is finished in a way honest to its materials; the laminated birch plywood was given a clear gloss finish to highlight the natural colors of the wood. The edges of the table are painted in a dark color to emphasize the table’s form. A custom-cut sheet of 1/4" tempered glass sits in the CNC-cut pocket, protecting the coins and paper memorabilia beneath.

Paper Furniture: Layered Comfort

"Can a cardboard chair be comfortable? With a design routed in comfort, it’s bound to be. The Layered Comfort chair uses ribbed seating and ergonomical curves to provide the ultimate cardboard chair experience. This 100% recylced, 100% glueless, and 100% recyclable chair is waiting for you - take a seat and find out."


Studies of chair standards and seating surface test samples yielded this structurally sound chair. It is constructed of layers of 3-ply cardboard and carpet roll tubes acquired through multiple trips to Lowes Building Supply. The only cost to the chair was a 4.5" circle cutter to cut holes for the carpet tubes. All other materials were recycled. The friction of the materials holds the chair together.

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