Corbelletti Charrette, 2009

The prompt of this annual week-long hand-drawing charrette asked for a reinvented use to the upper tower of the Pattee Library at The Pennsylvania State University's main campus. The solution very much makes a statement:


The digital age can compress a library to near nothingness

A glass box encloses the all-powerful computer

Suspended in an empty tower

Library's grandeur is gone

Corbelletti Charrette, 2008

The prompt was to "unify the arts campus" at The Pennsylvania State University's main campus. The solution transforms regular pedestrian routes into a pathway with form, providing a variety of seating, display areas, and cover between the buildings. The form itself only becomes apparent from high above.

Analytique: Vrbanvs Mvtatio Romanorvm

"Vrbanvs Mvtatio Romanorvm" (essentially ‘Roman Urban Transformation’) focuses on 4 different "architectures" at 4 different scales - urban to detail - as part of an architectural analysis course in Rome, Italy.


La Cupola di San Pietro: transforms its context with its imposing outline on the skyline; Michelangelo’s dome serves as an orientation device and gives the sense of place to the church.


Sant’Agnese in Agone: modifies the container of Piazza Navona by carving out a dynamic space for an entrance.


La Scala Spagna: designed to fit within surrounding buildings while adapting to major site axes: Via dei Condotti and the central axis of Trinita dei Monti.


Palazzo Farnese: its over-sized cornice caps the piazza, giving it vertical definition and claiming the space as its own.

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