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Integrating the Underprivileged:
Collectivity in Architecture

This transitional homeless center in Baltimore, Maryland for the homeless, hungry, and low-income transient population, addresses the issue of alleviating the housing shortage and reintegrating the underprivileged into society through the architectural devices of the interplay of two distinct entities [opposites/duality], the framing of views within the building, and the expression of architectural elements. The strategy is grounded in the idea that it is important for individuals to also feel part of a collective whole, and in the case of the homeless, that exposure to others re-entering society or to
those “in” society encourages others to seek betterment, as described by Rae Bridgman in his study of transitional centers in Toronto, Canada.



Design through my studies of architecture and professional career.


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Universalities in Social Housing

This project began as a proposition for the 2011 Kohn Pederson Fox Traveling Fellowship, and while not selected for a scholarship, I have taken it on myself as a personal goal to complete the project.


The itinerary includes the study of major social housing projects, both historical and modern, in the European cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Berlin, Vienna, and Venezia.

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